Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Snow I Thought I'd Let You All Know...

Hey Everyone,

Nichole Here, So there is like a winter storm warning here in Utah. Yes, Snow! Lots and Lots of snow. Eight inches they are saying. You know some people just love snow others not so much. Me I'm the not so much person.

I used to like snow. That was until January 25th 2009 happened. You may wonder now... What happened that day that made Nichole not like snow anymore?

Well I was in a very bad car accident. Our car spun three times and the car was totaled, off the frame, and everything.

How did this happen you may ask... Well we were going through a green light at an intersection. Well as we go through the green light another car decided to go through a red light speeding and ended up T-boning our car which totally stunk. The good thing we all survived. The bad thing well that brings us back to why I don't like snow anymore.

Ever since the car accident my back and neck hurt every time there is bad weather. Snow is the worst though. So since we have a winter storm warning right now, well my back and neck both hurt so bad. Kinda like "Both Of My Feet Hurt" well switched up a bit that is.

So now you see what changed my outlook on snow. Don't get me wrong, I do think it is pretty, especially seeing it up on the mountains, but it just really makes me ache. That's the bad thing.

Well I'm going to end this with:

I hope you all are safe. Drive carefully if it's snowing where you are. Well you should always drive carefully. But, yeah... Slow down and be safe. I don't want anybody getting hurt.  So remember be safe. I love you all!

Oh and one more thing... Comment below your opinions on snow if you'd like. I'd love to hear them. I'm sure others would too.

I love you all! Remember that because it's true I do love you! (Hey I rhymed)

Love ya!



  1. Hi Nichole, i love your new blog
    you're amazing just the way you are and i hope you'll never change
    bye and a happy new year from germany ;)

  2. Love your blog Nichole!

    x bailey

  3. You fucking must be stupid if you actually think people really like you

  4. hey Nichole choice blog have a happy safe new years

  5. Hey you see my shirt!?, you wanna do that?

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  7. i just wanna push your teeth back into your mouth with keenan cahill's midget hands

  8. you are AHU-MAZING! how old are you?

  9. Nichole you inspire me. I'm going to make videos one day and give a shout out to you everytime.



  10. I live in Oklahoma & it hasnt snowed one time. I love snow. But not for long periods of time. I'm sorry that you had to go through that horrible experience. I'm glad that everybody got out unharmed and safe though. Please follow me, (: thank you!

  11. I know what your talking about Nichole. January 3 2010 my mom and I were driving on the highway and we just slid right into a ditch and flipped like two times.It was pretty scary. Anyways I think your videos and blogs are amazing !!! Bye :)

  12. thats redicilous that you dont like snow!!thats just what im sayin. you shouldnt get all freakin hatin on snow just cause a stupid car accident. like really? im not trying to be mean here but i hate it when people hate on snow. its like my bestfriend. besides my boyfriend austin. ok..lets just let the world know...I AM GAY! okayy.. well i think this blog is ok..just dont say things that wouldnt be offensive to others..anywho,, have a good day, keep singing, and drive carefully

  13. Hola! Soy un chico español y vi algunos de tus videos y la verdad me caes muy bien :D Puedo decir que eres una buena persona, honesta y simpática! Me gustaría mucho tener contacto contigo porque de alguna manera creo que tenemos algo en común que se lleva dentro y es la honestidad :P. Tienes aquí a un amigo que te admira. Perdón por mi ingles pero la verdad soy bastante malo en idiomas... :(
    Espero noticias tuyas.


    Hello! I am a Spanish guy and I saw some of your videos and I really like you very much :D I can tell you're a good person, honest and friendly! I would really like to contact you because somehow I think we have something in common that is the honesty: P. Here you have a friend who admires you. Sorry for my English but the truth I'm very bad at languages ... : (
    I hope to hear from you.

  14. u r not soooo amazing and u could use some work,,, but u are reaaaly brave.. im not trying to bully u or be mean im just trying to tell my opinion..after all i thought thats what this wholle thing was for....... nd my opinion on snow..mmm..its okay at times but then others its just make everything just STOP. roads are messed up, nd its hard to drive..i have district auditions tom. and if it snows we CANT go!!!!! :((( nd sorry about ur incident thing! glad ur okayy!! :)))

  15. I just typed a huge long message... gone!! PS this is not Lizabeth this is her daughter Katherine(:

  16. Okay so,
    There was a HUGE snow storm in 2008 and we got stuck in school until 8 PM.. we had to wait until all the buses came! We had Feet and Feet of snow so many accidents so many people harmed... terrible. Well we were all hungry and calling our parents to come and get us (my phone was of course dead:P) Yeah it was terrible.. well my friend who shall remane nameless called HER mom and told her to come pick her up but to drive carefully if she could-her mom said she was already on her way... so on her way her mom was with her two sisters,( my friends aunts..not lez!!:D) And a HUGE tree decided to fall ontop of the car, 2 of the 3 woman in the car hopped out, harmed but only with a few bruises..NOTHING serious! However, My friends mother was in the drivers seat and as soon as the tree hit the car-she was immediatly killed. RIP my friends mom;( who shall again remane nameless! I dont hate snow but I hate snow STORMS when it gets really bad...also.. we had NO POWER FOR 3 OR 4 DAYS!! We could hardly cook we just say around the fire all day reading and drinking hot coa coa, we had microwavable mac and cheese and stuff but I mean not like, Chicken or Grilled Cheese or soup or anything!! Kids were constantly outside in the snow but being watched by parents to make sure they didnt skid out into the streets and get hit by cars! It was TERRIBLE!! terrible terrible... As I said.. love snow.. HATE THE BAD STORMS!! Agree?? :) Ohh look.. ITS SNOWING! Yeesh.. right on time

  17. Hey Nichole im sorry about the wreck and btw forget the haters you inspire everybody to not care what other people think and do what you love and yours is singing stick with it and well i love you all the way from georgia:))

  18. Hey Nichole!

    I just really wanted to say how much you inspire me not to drive drunk, and fast in the snow. Those were both my plans on new years, but after seeing your video I completely changed my mind!

    You're the Gr8st!

    We should meet up one day! I live sooooo close to clearfield Utah!


  19. You should listen to "My Neck, My Back" by Khia. It's kind of like "Both of my feet hurt"! Can you do a cover? I'm sure you would do the original justice.

  20. Awh, that sucks. Glad you didn't get hurt;_) I love snow, personally. But I may not if I had an experience like that!