Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Time!

 Hey Everyone,

So it's Christmas!

I bet you are all excited to open your gifts. I want to remind you this holiday season though that gifts aren't everything about Christmas. Christmas is a time for giving but it is also much more. Christmas is a time for spending with family and friends. You shouldn't take that for granted. Spend as much time with them as you can and cherish it. In life you never know what will happen. So live life to it's fullest!

Well now that I've said that I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! If you aren't a Christmas person I want to wish you to have a great day! Happy Holidays Everyone! Please post in the comment section your Christmas Traditions. :) I'd love to hear them!

My Christmas Traditions:

My family and I always have cookies on Christmas and we eat Chinese Food. I know, different huh? That's just us we've just always eaten Chinese Food on Christmas. That's our thing and I have a feeling its going to stay that way. :) But hey I love Chinese Food. It's my favorite! So, yeah!

Post your comments on this along with your traditions if you'd like to share below in the comments section. :)  I look forward to reading them!

Love ya!



  1. Merry Christmas Nichole337 !! Keep on singing Even though people make fun of you, And also, Try to not wear your glasses! and God Bless to you!!

  2. merry christmas nichole! i hope you have a wonderful day :) i love the fact that you have chinese food on christmas day, its great to do something different! and why not have your favourite food on christmas day as well hey?
    we just have the family round and have a big roast (a typical christmas dinner i guess!) with lots of other yummy food :p me and my mum are vegetarian so we look for a tasty alternative to turkey and like something different every year :)
    what do you like to do on boxing day? x

  3. hey Nichole! Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing your traditions! :)
    Please keep in touch!
    Kristin xo

  4. Merry Christmas to you! :) Every Christmas Eve we have our family friends over and eat tacos! I love being able to spend time with everybody :)

  5. Merry Christmas, Nichole!

    P.S. Chinese food is DELICIOUS.

  6. hey nichole, just thought id say merry christmas! could u give a shout out to me and my dog bree (shes not doing so well but loves your vids)

  7. Merry Christmas<3 Sadly, it's midnight here and Christmas ended. :'( Counting down to 2011! XD I love Chinese food, but wouldn't eat it on Christmas hehe. My grandma makes us food (she's an amazing cook and always has been!) today, we had ham, mashed potatoes, Polish dishes, and some other things. Then for dessert we had cookies& fudge!
    Another amazing thing happened! We North Carolinians had our first white Christmas since 1947, so we're pretty excited about that!
    Overall, it was a wonderful day. My half-puppy (long story) Mia& I love you!
    PS> Check out my random blog sometime? Possibly follow? I'm also on YouTube with the same username.
    God bless;

  8. Hello, Nichole337. I love your channel on youtube and I hate the fact that everybody makes fun of you. Don't let them bring you down. Everybody is different in there own way.

    I love Christmas. Spending time with my family means everything to me. I love them very much they have always been there for me through everything.

    Keep up the good work and remember don't let anybody bring you down because you are different. You are who you are and that's what matters.

    Merry Christmas.

  9. thanks for sharing your blog with us Nichole....i laughed to myself because my boyfriend and his family also had Chinese for Christmas too lol. its kinda been a tradition for 5 years now. my boyfriend gave me my Christmas gift and it was two jewelry boxes. i opened the first and it was a gold necklace with with a ruby pendant with a diamond on each side...i didn't like it much because i always told my self how much i hated colored stones ESP rubies lol... second box was a gold ring with a ruby stone and two small diamonds on each side...when i saw the ring i felt a warm feeling inside...maybe its because it was a ring lol...i was going to return it but i didn't because my boyfriend liked the gifts a lot....but now i'm just in love with them...i'm dark skin and they just look so beautiful against my skin and he agrees too lol....hope i didn't ramble on Nichole...any way thanks for sharing your blog with us

  10. Merry Christmas Nichole, good to hear that you have a point of view over Christmas day, instead of spoiled people, only wanting gifts, and do not think of the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. Hope your enjoying your holidays, oh and happy new year, when that time is here:)

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  12. Merry Christmas Nichole...sorry the 'Merry Christmas' is two days late :)