Sunday, December 26, 2010

Learning Guitar

Hey Guys and Gals,

It's Nichole again.
So I'm trying to learn the guitar. I made a video of Smoke On The Water playing with my thumbs. I have since learned to play it with my fingers. So that's cool. I'll have to make another video playing it.  Plus I can make it louder now that I have a guitar pick.

The crazy thing is today I wanted an apple so I went and started peeling it and what do you know I cut my thumb. So now I have a bandaid on it. So when I'm playing guitar you'll see the bandaid. But oh well, I can still play. That's good.

So so far I've learned that there is E B G D A E which are the chords and I know how to play Smoke on the Water. That's all I know right now. As I said in a video, anyone who can help will be much appreciated. :)

I'm still trying to learn and I won't give up. I really appreciate every ones support. It means a lot. The more I learn on guitar the more I'll share with you. So look for more videos on guitar as I progress.

Other than that I will keep making singing videos and vlogs for you all. I love you all and really appreciate your support. It means the world to me. You are all so awesome. Look for new videos and blogs soon!

Love ya!



  1. hey nichole!

    it's great to see you picking up the guitar.. learning a new instrument can be tough, but it'll be so cool when you can tell everyone you're a guitarist.

    i look forward to your next videos... visit me on youtube sometime.

    i sing and play piano for my own songs and other people's!

    Good luck,


  2. I'm so excited to hear your guitar playing :D

    Smoke on the water is one of my favorite songs :)

    Keep up the good work xoxo

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  4. Hey Nichole.
    What is the next song you are going to be singing?

  5. OMG! I'm so sorry you cut your thumb on the apple, I hope you get well soon. I'm glad you will persevere, because following your dreams lets you touch the stars.
    Love, Kieran

  6. Cut your finger.... on an apple?!?!?!? That's neww,,

  7. Nichole I think your pretty and dont let those haters get you down :) love ya

  8. The strings are E A D G B e, chords take more than one finger.

  9. wow really u cut ur self like peeling an apple like seriously how retarted are u