Sunday, July 10, 2011

Music Artists and Bands Split... Where are they now?

Hey Everyone,

So I haven't blogged in a while so I thought that I needed to make a new blog post!
What did I decide to make it on... Well I was just thinking, what ever happened to some music artists?
I mean, I can think of artists that I like that haven't came out with any new music in the longest time.
Who? What's with that? What are they doing now?
Well I am about to research that for all of you..

Take a look at the following picture.... Guess who?

Aaron Carter

It's Aaron Carter! He's all grown up now isn't he.
What happened to him?
He said the following in 2010....

"I've been at Johnny Wright's compound working on my mind, music, and body for a new album release!"

Now who else?
Who could forget this face...

If for some reason you don't know who that is its... Hilary Duff
I grew up watching Lizzie McGuire, the following image is Hilary when she played on Lizzie McGuire.

For a follow up to Lizzie McGuire came this...

Yes, they made a movie out of it.
Another thing I remember about her when I was younger and she was younger too... I remember her coming out with the song 
"So Yesterday" along with a whole album. 

She ended up coming out with more albums and played in movies.

But what is she doing now?

Well from what I've found she is starting to write books.

Okay lets take a different route now...

Do you remember all those bands that ended up well ending.
Lets take a look at all those bands that broke up.


To quote their song a little...

"Be Careful What You Wish For You Just Might Get It"

Where does that tie in. They did get famous like the song states. And Well they split so at least one of them must have wished that.

Anyways, I'm getting a little sidetracked, I just love that song!

So they split up and from what I've read, they all went pretty much solo. So that's that.

Moving on....



Destiny's Child taught everyone how to be a Survivor and about being an Independent Women, but after breaking up Beyonce one of the band members taught everyone about single ladies and how if you like it you should put a ring on it! (Oh, how I love quoting songs!)

Anyways Beyonce has gotten so popular since Destiny's Child, although Destiny's Child was pretty popular during their time. Beyonce has released many albums and hit singles since the split. So we have a part of Destiny's Child still with us and by with us I mean still making music for us to listen to.

Here she is...

That's Beyonce!!!

Kelly Rowland, well shes an X Factor Judge! 

 I'm not quite sure what happened to the other members, so I guess we will move on...


Who could forget the faces of *NSYNC and their songs!
Well they split up and after that Justin Timberlake went solo.
He has came out with many hits. One that stands out most to me would be "Sexy Back" I don't know why but that's what stands out most. So anyways. Not only did Justin Timberlake release solo songs... No he didn't stop there. He also played in movies. 
A movie that's an older one that sticks out to me was called...
"Model Behavior"

And now I keep seeing previews for a new Justin Timberlake movie...
"Friends With Benefits"

Friends With Benefits Movie
So overall Justin Timberlake is doing good with his Career after the split of *NSYNC.

Then we have Lance Bass
Lance Bass went through cosmonaut training in Russia
Bass was originally supposed to be the host of a space competition 
show to be entitled The Big Mission, in which several contestants
 would go through training in order to win a seat on a 
Russian Space Capsule.

 The game show concept fell apart when the producers of the show decided it would be a much better idea to shoot a documentary of a celebrity actually training and going into space, and airing it on a major network.

After several months of training, Bass received cosmonaut certification, but was eventually rejected several months before the take off.


Lance Bass also starred in many movies. He also had a guest appearance on the TV show 7th Heaven.

He also wrote a book...
The book, entitled Out Of Sync, was published on October 23, 2007

Not sure what happened with the others and this blog post has gotten really long so I guess I will end it here.

I will leave you with the following since it ties in with the subject.

Hey Hey Bye Bye Bye...