Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fan Mail

Hey It's Nichole again!

So as you may have seen I have opened up a P.O. Box. Well I've gotten a lot of nice things from fans and am planning on when I get more to make vlogs showing stuff I got from people in the mail and giving shoutouts to those who have sent me stuff indicating that they want shout outs. I think I will be doing those monthly but maybe weekly depending on how much I get! So watch for those to come!
I really appreciate all of you! You mean the world to me!

Love ya,


Nichole Lee
P.O. Box 324
Clearfield, UT 84089-0324


  1. Hey girl hey!
    We have been stalking for videos for the past few days and we LOVE your videos/ sexy voice! We especially love of your parody of 'i kissed a girl'! The lobster was a great twist, and the beanie baby was adorbs. We have fallen INLOVE with your videos!
    you look great without glasses! did you get contacts?
    Shelly and Agatha

  2. Hey

    I would totally love for you to do "cant be tamed" by miley cyrus. That would be totally revalutionary.


  3. Hey seriously get a life outside of the internet. It will do you loads of good, trust me.

  4. Hello nicole!
    my name is rasmus and i come from sweden!! i just wanna say that i totally LOVE your youtube channel!! never stop uploading :)

  5. hello Nichooooole .! we are two girls who is your biggest faaan .!!! we fu*cking love you girl .! :D
    you are amazing and you sing wonderful .!!!!!!!!

    lots of love
    Annika and Laura ♥

  6. It's My best friend Britni Hunt's birthday coming up soon, actually one february 12th and I was wondering if you could do a cover of either " somebody to love" by justin bieber, " the only exception " by paramore or "body bounce" by kardinal offishall
    that would be amazing!
    be sure to mention its to Britni Hunt from Red deere alberta love her best friend Kiana.!
    thanks so much, your amazing

  7. Is it me or are you a lesbian?

  8. nichole ,please make a tagboard , :)
    it'll be more easier , and you can see where your viewers were from,incase you don't know the link,it's , check my blog to see em :D and ur amazing

  9. nice blog)

    i started to follow you
    it will be great if you follow me TOO

    much love

  10. Just got some questions,

    Do you really think you can sing?
    (If you are told once...its probably not the best to keep will find out one day)

    Did you put your adress up there?
    There are stalkers out ther and creepers..

    But good job hunn, don't take any of this in a mean way. I'm just expressing my oppinion.

  11. Nichole, this is a video clip for you, from me and my friend. Click on the link to view :)